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by Kasby Real Estate Group

November 22

Fixer Upper: Utah County

Fixer Upper: Utah County

Utah County Fixer Upper

What surprises do you encounter when undertaking a renovation project on an old mid-century home? This can be a fun experience- as long as you are ok with discovering the unexpected!

Outbuilding Demo

Demolition is the most enjoyable parts of a home rehab project for some folks. Who doesn’t love to wield a sledge hammer on their way to an enhanced home! But what happens when the task is huge and the experts quote many times what you had estimated?  See how a bit of “sweat equity” allowed Brian to stay within budget on an enormous workshed demo. Lots of crashing and smashing in this one all made possible by the gumption of Brian’s son, a former US Marine.

Hidden plumbing disasters

You always hope that the rehab project goes to plan without surprises. Note that is said, “HOPE”. TIP:  if your home inspector indicates that the shower runs a bit slow, you may hope that a little clog remover will solve the problem. Think again! We took a closer look at the slow drain and found some interesting surprises! See how “unorthodox” (aka scary) past plumbing work resulted in big surprises, not to mention nasty sewage off-gassing. Nauseating, yet an interesting home buying lesson.

Sewage Plumbing Issue Require Major Repairs

When the unexpected happens, all you can do is press on and make it right. But when virtually everything is wrong, how do you make it right? Find out in this segment covering how the previous plumbing disasters were fixed.

Re-roofing After Removing 30-year-old Shingles

When a home has shingles as old as 30 years, it’s definitely time for a new roof! Learn some of the key considerations of removing an old roof and applying a new one in Utah.

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