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by Kasby Real Estate Group

November 22

How to buy a home with ZERO money down

No Down Payment Required

Seventy percent of Millenials . . . think that you need to have a large down payment to buy a house” That’s just not true anymore.

One of the common myths first-time homebuyers hear is that you need a large down payment saved before even looking into the home buying process.

“Seventy percent of Millenials . . . think that you need to have a large down payment to buy a house,” John Harrison, branch manager at Castle and Cooke Mortgage told Eric Poulsen in a recent Kasby Real Estate Group video. “Of that, over half think that you need 15 percent down.

The reality is that that’s just not true anymore.”

In fact, Harrison explained that there are “36 different ways to get into a home for almost little or no money out of pocket.” Those include seven 100-percent financing programs offered in Utah as well as 29 grants offered throughout the state.

But what makes the most sense financially? Most people looking at buying a home are currently renters who could be putting their monthly rent check toward paying off a home. And, as Poulsen explains, in Utah County, the average home appreciates $20,000 to $25,000 per year.

“[Homes] appreciate faster than you can save money,” Harrison explained. So, while you might think you’re being fiscally conservative by saving for a downpayment, in reality you’re losing money through rent and missing out on a good investment.

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