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November 22

Ways to enjoy the Outdoors, now!

Ways to enjoy the Outdoors, now!

Kenna Wagner

Kenna’s career is dedicated to exceeding the buyers or sellers expectations and to always do what is right for the customer…

Kenna’s career is dedicated to exceeding the buyers or sellers expectations and to always do what is right for the customer…

Jun 17 4 minutes read

As per usual Utah weather, winter and summer seemed to have bullied spring off the calendar this year, causing the temperature to jump dozens of degrees in a matter of days. Here comes the heat wave! But now is a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors.  There are lots of fun ways to beat or enjoy the summer heat in Utah County this summer.

1. Enjoy an outdoor movie or drive in.

Get a late start to your day and make the most of the cool summer nights by enjoying an outdoor movie in the park or at a drive in. Check out these 11 places to watch an outdoor movie near Utah County this summer or grab some friends and head up to the Red Wood Drive In in West Valley. Click here for out door movies!


2. Float the Provo River.

Grab a life jacket and tube and make your way up Provo Canyon to enjoy the icy waters of Provo River. If you don’t have your own tube, don’t sweat; you can rent some along the river at pull outs below Deer Creek Reservoir.


3. Turn your yard into a water paradise.

Put your sprinkler under your trampoline, buy a cheap tarp and some dish soap to create a slip ‘n slide, fill some water balloons, grab some splash balls from the Dollar Tree to play dodgeball, or stalk up on your water guns to create a water paradise in your own yard this year. To make things extra fun, you could even set up an obstacle course and time how long it takes your friends or family to get through. When all else fails, turn on the sprinklers as you play a regular game of soccer, volleyball, or any other sport you enjoy.


4. Take a dip in the pool, visit Seven Peaks, or live it up at your local splash pad.

Check your local pool for resident discounts and free swim days or escape to your local splash pad. Many cities across Utah County host splash pads with water toys that will keep kids and grownups entertained for hours. Or, for an all-day adventure, head over to Seven Peaks for some slides, sun, and fun.


5. Escape up a canyon or to a lake.

Fishing, picnicking, kayaking, strolls in the mountains, games, and campfires all create memories that last, and their much cooler up a nearby canyon. Find a favorite spot you can escape to regularly or try visiting different canyons throughout the county. Or, for an adventure without long travel times, go fishing with your family at Highland Glen Park.


6. Go star gazing or enjoy a Sundance full moon lift.

Avoid the blazing sun by making the most of the night. Download a star chart app on your phone and drive to a place where you can pick out constellations or take advantage of Sundance’s ski lift, which offers beautiful rides beneath the full moon a few nights every month.


7. Try a ghost tour or downhill bike ride.

Did you know Provo has bike ghost tours on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer? Grab your bike and enjoy biking in cooler temperatures while learning some frighteningly fascinating facts. Or, for a cooler ride during the day, do some downhill biking through a canyon. For those who are intimidated by the road, try a portion of the paved trail that starts at Bridal Veil Falls and eventually takes you all the way to the Jordan River Parkway.


8. Take advantage of late-night deals.

Did you know that Lagoon offers a date night option where two people can get in for the price of one during the evenings? Many other places around Utah offer deals for night owls, so take advantage of the chance to avoid the heat of the day when possible.


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