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November 22

12 Utah County Hikes that are Stunning

12 Utah County Hikes That Are Stunning

Kenna Wagner

Kenna’s career is dedicated to exceeding the buyers or sellers expectations and to always do what is right for the customer…

Kenna’s career is dedicated to exceeding the buyers or sellers expectations and to always do what is right for the customer…

Aug 20 6 minutes read

One of the best part of living in Utah County is our proximity to some amazing hikes. With most of the standard activities cancelled due to the pandemic why not check out the natural beauty of the Wasatch mountains, and there’s no better time to head to higher elevations than now with the weather heating up! Here are 12 stunning hikes you can try out this year.

Cascade Springs

Length: .5 to 1.5 miles – Easy

Location: Alpine Scenic Loop

With paved paths winding through waterfalls and flowing springs, Cascade Springs is a beautiful trail to take anytime of the year, but it is particularly breathtaking in fall. The bridges and paths make several loops, so you can stroll for half a mile or several miles, whatever you prefer. Get more details here.


Grotto Trail

Length: .5 miles – Easy

Location: Payson Canyon/ Mount Nebo Scenic Loop

The Mount Nebo Loop Road provides many stunning vistas ranging from beautiful forests to the Devil’s Kitchen, which looks like a miniature Bryce Canyon. If you decide to make the drive to see the fall leaves, be sure to stop by the Grotto Trail to stretch your legs and see a unique waterfall that is fun for kids and adults. Get more details here.


Bridal Veil Falls

Length: 1.4 miles- Easy

Location: Provo Canyon

With parks, picnic tables, and barbecue grills lining the trail, Bridal Veil Falls is the perfect location for a day outside with the family. The paved path from the parking lot follows the Provo River to a majestic 600-foot-tall waterfall and is lined with trees that turn brilliant colors in the fall. Get more details here.


Stewart Falls

Length: 3.5 miles – Moderate

Location: Provo Canyon

Nestled above Aspen Grove, Stewart Falls cascades over 200 feet in two tiers. The trail begins in the shadow of Mount Timpanogos and takes you on a relatively flat trail through lush trees to the falls and a view overlooking Sundance. Get more details here.


Fifth Water Hot Springs

Length: 4.5 miles – Moderate

Location: Spanish Fork Canyon

As you near the trailhead for Fifth Water Hot Springs, you’ll pass by striking red rock that makes this canyon especially breathtaking in fall and winter. The trail follows along a river and ends at a waterfall that spills into hot springs that are perfect for a soak. Get more details here.


Scout Falls

Length: 3 miles – Moderate

Location: American Fork Canyon

Scout Falls is located roughly one and a half miles up the Timpooneke Trail in American Fork Canyon and winds through beautiful forests and along flower-studded meadows until it reaches a waterfall. Be sure to watch for the turn off to the falls, which will split to the left while the Timpooneke Trail continues for miles to the right. Get more details here.


Horsetail Falls

Length: 3.9 miles – Moderate

Location: Alpine

Horsetail Falls is a steep trail nestled in a canyon above Alpine, Utah, that leads to an overlook of a dramatic and powerful waterfall. The trail passes through a meadow and gorgeous vistas that will give you a good glimpse of the fall leaves. 

 Photo Daily Hearld

Get more details here.


Silver Lake

Length: 4.2 miles – Moderate

Location: American Fork Canyon

Starting at lower Silver Lake, the Silver Lake Trail takes you to the crystal blue waters of upper Silver Lake and a stunning view of American Fork Canyon. With the entire canyon spread out below you, you’re sure to spot vivid fall colors even as you enjoy the serenity of this high mountain lake. Get more details here.


Lone Peak

Length: 11.1 miles – Difficult

Location: Draper Corner Canyon

The steep climb up Jacob’s Ladder may make your legs burn, but I’ve never seen such intense, scarlet leaves on a fall hike than those lining the Lone Peak Trail. Even if you decide not to take the entire difficult and, at times, narrow trail to the top of Lone Peak, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous meadows, streams, forests, and vistas along the way. Get more details here.


Mount Nebo, North Peak

Length: 8.5 miles – Difficult

Location: Mount Nebo Scenic Loop

The Mount Nebo Trail that leads to the north peak traverses mountain ridges that provide stunning views of the valley below, but this trail is not one for the faint of heart or legs. With steep climbs, including some scrambles up shale, and sheer drop offs along the trail, Mount Nebo provides a true adventure for hikers. Get more details here.


Mount Timpanogos

Length: 15 or 16 miles, depending on which approach you take- Difficult

Location: American Fork/Provo Canyon

Mount Timpanogos is one of the most popular peaks to hike in Utah County, so expect to pass fellow travelers along the trail. You can reach the top of Timp from two different trails: the Aspen Grove Trail up Provo Canyon (which is steeper and 16 miles round trip) and the Timpooneke Trail up American Fork Canyon (which is 15 miles roundtrip). Both approaches pass waterfalls, lakes, meadows, and stunning views that are well worth the trek. Get more details about the Timpooneke approach here and the Aspen Grove approach here.


Lake Hardy

Length: 12.3 miles – Difficult

Location: Alpine

Lake Hardy is a wonderful hike for those seeking solitude and something a little more off the beaten track, but it is strenuous. The trail often crosses other paths and the lake has multiple approaches, so be sure to print off instructions or a map. Though the lake is small, it is serene, and the scenes along the way are gorgeous. Get more details here.


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