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November 22

Spruce Up Your Super Bowl Party In 15 Minutes

Spruce Up Your Super Bowl Party In 15 Minutes

Kenna Wagner

Kenna’s career is dedicated to exceeding the buyers or sellers expectations and to always do what is right for the customer…

Kenna’s career is dedicated to exceeding the buyers or sellers expectations and to always do what is right for the customer…

Jan 25 6 minutes read

Here are a few creative ideas to help you throw an unforgettable Super Bowl party without losing yourself in the décor and forgetting the purpose of your party—creating memories that last.

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts or Pinterest boards with creative Super Bowl party ideas that look like something out of a Martha Stewart catalog—pretty, but practicality was thrown out the window long ago. Who has time for matching tablecloths, runners, napkins, desserts, party favors, and complimentary scrapbooks?

I love the Super Bowl for four simple reasons: 1) family, 2) friends, 3) food, and 4) football. Well, and the commercials. But sometimes the fun and focus of the day become complicated by the unreal expectations and unnecessary stress we create for ourselves.

Kick up the adrenaline with a few games.

Laughter and adrenaline are a great recipe for creating memories, and nothing produces both as fast as a game. Here are a few fun ideas that take less than five minutes to throw together.

1. Super Bowl Bingo

You can customize this game according to the football savviness of your guests. Simply print off a few blank bingo cards or make them yourself, then have your guests fill out the cards with a few plays or items they might witness this Super Bowl. You can focus on common commercial themes (i.e. quarterback sack, pick 6, offsides, touchdown dance). Customize it to what your friends and family most love. You can find free blank bingo cards to print off at home here and here. Or download pre-made cards here.

Image from playpartyplan.com

2. Touch Down Knock Out—For more active games, grab a football and a hula hoop or a stack of cups. See how accurate your guests are by seeing who can pass the ball through the hoop or knock down the stack of cups from various distances.

3. Football Guru Guessing Game—This game takes minutes to create but results in a lot of laughter. Cut several dozen strips of paper and have your guests write down the names of people or things related to football. Once you have a decent stack, put them all in a bag or basket and divide your group into teams.  Each person will have one minute to get their team to guess as many names or items as possible without using any part of that word. Gestures, clues, charades, and impersonations are all allowed and make for some amusing guessing.

4. Super Bowl Score Pool

Using this free template or any 11 by 11 grid, you can create a pool for the final score of the game. Randomly write the numbers 0 through 9 along the top and left grids and then have your guests write their names in several of the grid squares. The person whose numbers match the last digits of each team’s final score at the end of the game wins. (You can also have winners for half time or each quarter, depending on how many prizes you want to give out.) For a more simplified template, click here.

Image from livinglocurto.com

Don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen? Make a competition out of it.

5. Food competitions—Everyone loves a classic potluck, but why not turn it up a notch by making it into a competition? Take a little pressure off you by letting your guests express some of their creativity. You can create different categories and criteria—from most team-spirited to most flavorful or most innovative to more exciting than a touchdown.

Image from blovelyevents.com

6. Fan competitions

Food doesn’t have to be the only competition. You can hold competitions for best Super Bowl dressed, best face paint, best decorations, etc.

Include a few football-themed snacks for your feast.

What is the Super Bowl without the food? And while only Betty Crocker could manage to make every dish flawlessly football-themed, you can spruce up your party with one or two fun snacks or desserts.

Here are a few that take less than 15 minutes:

7. Game Time Chip Dip

Image from everydaygoodthinking.com

8. Football Strawberries

Image from tastykitchen.com

9. Pepperoni Football

Image from delish.com

11. Cookies and Cream Football

Image from shugarysweets.com

12. Cookie Dough Footballs

Image from lifeloveandsugar.com

A little bit of flavor and flair go a long way.

If you don’t have time to make something from scratch, get creative with your decorations and labels.

Why not put out these adorable penalty flags, bottle sleeves, or some Super Bowl rings for your guests.

16. Football Pot Decorations 

Image from mommybunch.com

A Super Bowl party doesn’t need to be stressful, and hopefully, you have a few ideas now to make your game day fun, exciting, and relaxing.

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