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by Kasby Real Estate Group

November 22

The Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do When You Move Into a New House

The Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do When You Move Into a New House

Kasby Real Estate Group

Oct 23 3 minutes read

Congratulations on your new home!

As you prepare to settle into your new place, it can be tempting to drop off your boxes and take a vacation. All the offers, walkthroughs, packing, and paperwork involved are exhausting, but there are still a few things you need to do before you can put up your feet and relax. It’s important for you to inspect your home, double-check that all the stipulations in your contract were met, and make sure things are functioning properly so you don’t have any unfortunate surprises down the road.

Here is a helpful checklist to help keep you organized and ensure that no essentials are missed as you move into your new home:

  1.  Walkthrough and inspect the house.
  2. Make a list of needed repairs, renovations, updates, and projects and prioritize them.
  3. Inspect your boxes and furniture to make sure nothing was damaged in the move.
  4. Locate the electrical panel.
  5. Locate where the emergency shut-off valve is for the water main.
  6. Check and test any appliances.
  7. Do a deep clean of your new home.
  8. Clean out dryer ducts, refrigerators coils, ovens, etc.
  9. Child or pet-proof your home.
  10. Inspect your furnace and air conditioning.
  11. Change your air filters.
  12. Set up your utilities and wifi.
  13. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  14. Inspect your attic and crawl spaces.
  15. Find out your garbage and recycling days.
  16. Update your address.
  17. Change your locks.
  18. Hide a key or give friends or family members a backup key.
  19. Check out local stores, schools, hospitals, doctors, etc.
  20. Inspect your windows for any broken seals, locks, or panes.
  21. Update your driver’s license, voting registration, etc.
  22. If you moved to a new state, register your car.
  23. Locate your sprinkler controls or other yard-care essentials.
  24. Set up a home security system.
  25. Gather important documents (insurance documents, warranties, contracts, etc.) and store them in a secure location.
  26. Meet your neighbors
  27. Make the place your own!
  28. If you have a pet that is chipped, this is good time to contact the company and change your address.

Have questions or concerns? Reach out to our team at Kasby Real Estate Group. We can provide you with peace of mind regarding every stage of the moving process, and we would love to help you any way we can!

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